Eric Aguilar vs Eitan Kagan

The Thunderous Action of RUF 57 is Coming LIVE to the Celebrity Theatre!

MMA Arizona Fanatics, get set for a faceoff that’s going to make the ground shake and hearts race: Eric Aguilar vs Eitan Kagan. Trust us when we say, you’ll feel every punch, hear every roar, and the excitement will be unforgettable!

Eric Aguilar is stepping into the cage with one goal: victory! This Phoenix-grown star is known for his grit, power, and unforgiving strikes. This fighter looks to draw a strenuous fight, leaving everyone in awe of his prowess. With a record that screams excellence, Aguilar is ready to set the Celebrity Theatre on fire!

Don’t write off Eitan Kagan though — who will bring the heat as he steps into the cage! He’s a technical wizard who’s got grit, determination, and a heart full of passion. Kagan plans to steal the show with his relentless aggression and tactical prowess.

The air is thick with anticipation, the stakes are high, and you are invited to witness this adrenaline-charged event! Feel the beat of every punch and kick, see every moment of triumph and setback – LIVE. Trust us, experiencing RUF 57 in person is an emotion like no other.

Still sitting there? You shouldn’t be! The thought of missing this epic fight should fill you with DREAD! Don’t let it be just a post-fight recap for you; be there to experience the action with every sense!

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