About RUF nation

Ringside Unified Fighting, widely recognized as RUF MMA, is a multifaceted organization that operates as a licensed combat sports league, event promotions company, and vertical marketing agency. We are also a leading force in event promotion and production. Governed by the Arizona Boxing and MMA Commission and the Arizona Department of Gaming, we have also secured licensing from various tribal property gaming departments. Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated through our top-tier events, which showcase emerging and established talent in the world of mixed martial arts. With a focus on delivering high-quality, action-packed fights, RUF MMA continues to set the standard for combat sports entertainment. Whether you’re a fighter, a fan, or a partner, RUF MMA offers an unparalleled experience in the fast-paced and ever-evolving landscape of mixed martial arts.

The current industry competition of MMA promotions offer the same copycat product and format, where local talent competes against moderate to poor level local competition in fights that are usually one sided thusly creating a poor entertainment value and subpar product.

RUF Nation events have countered with a National elite level platform that feeds the UFC where only elite level talent from across the country will be accepted to compete. Our elite vs. elite concept will create great entertainment content through highly competitive fights with world-class talent.
It is true that the current MMA environment is becoming over crowed with promotions. The problem is that they all offer the same sub par end product and format. By creating an elite level environment competing against only elite level talent from across the country and creating a geographically identified stable of fighters, and being an AZ fight promoter who’s close ties with Gyms, local fighters, UFC Fighters, Coaches, city, state, Tribal Councils and Leaders are different from the rest of the market, by using a method proven successful by the most profitable sports leagues. Because we are AZ owned & operated, because we are easy to work with, because we will have elite level talent only, because our fights will match the best against the best, because thousands will attend to watch it live, because you will profit, we will hit our target and reach the populous of MMA fans in the state of AZ that have been missed by everyone else. With your support we will turn RUF Nation into the state wide brand that the state fair deserves and will be the home to the only RUF Nation Sports League. We have 100% complete and total creative control with a full media production team to assist in content creation No TV restrictions, no content type restrictions – Gambling, cannabis, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, are all allowed We are partnered with the Celebrity Theatre to host all events in 2022 to host 12 events