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Juan Carlos Gonzalez, known as ThatWasEpic, is a Mexican-American YouTuber based in Arizona, USA. His channel, launched in 2014, features pranks, social experiments, and giveaways, amassing over 7.3 million subscribers and nearly 1.1 billion views. Born on July 13, 1993, in Cancun, Mexico. His content often involves surprising people with gifts and money.

NEXT UP RUF 59 – June 1st


**Subject To Change

  • Livio Ribiero vs. David Miramontes
  • Osama Awadalla vs. James Munoz
  • Julius Vega vs. Jeremy Montijo
  • Eitan Kagan vs. Kevin Fletcher
  • Armando Lucio Jr vs. Jordan Barreras
  • Octavius Johnson vs. Alec Schwartz
  • David Clay vs. Lawrence Marquez Jr.