PHOENIX, AZ. (August 29, 2021) The Celebrity Theater was on fire Sunday evening as the RUF43 card started.  This was the net installment in the Road to One Championship.  Rich Franklin, the Vice President and the CEO of ONE, was in attendance as he watched top talent battle it out.

Fight 1 Winner – Duy Pham

The first fight of the night started with Patrick Williams vs Duy Pham.  This fight went into the 3 round with Duy Pham winning by Submission Via Rear Naked Choke

Fight 2 Winner – Alexander Carrillo

The second fight of the night was Alexander Carrillo vs Mark Courson.  This fight was over quickly lasting only 43 seconds as Carrillo landed vicious strikes which led to a referee stoppage.

Fight 3 Winner – Adrian Galindo

This was a back and forth battle going into round three end with a tap out from Musgrove

Fight 4 Winner – Stephan Martinez

Another quick one as Aponte came out swinging, landing a shot on Martinez but Martinez takes it on the chin and quickly takes control on the feet pushing the pace and eventually bringing the action to the ground. initially landing strikes from full mount before passing to the back of Aponte where he is able to secure a RNC forcing the tap out.

Fight 5 Winner – Alessandro Rodriguez

This 2 round fight ended with Rodriguez swarming in and rains down a barrage of strikes forcing the referee to step in and stop the bout.

Fight 6 Winner – Chris Mangiapili

This fight went the full three rounds.  A back and forth battle the whole time with Mangiapili being declared winner by scorecard

Fight 7 Winner – David Bollea

Both fighters come out trading, exchanging jabs, body and leg kicks. Action heads to the ground with Rodriguez initially in control but Bollea is able to take the dominant position securing the back of Rodriguez where he is able to lock in a RNC and force the tap out.

Fight 8 Winner – Cameron Chism

One of the oddest and most tragic ways to see a fight end.  Tarazon was able to land a few knees before his knee seems to give out causing an abrupt end to the bout.

Fight 9 Winner – Waldo Cortes-Acosta

The main event was a three round BATTLE.  These warriors left nothing in the tank. Both fighters giving each other respect as each fighter patiently waits for opportunities to land instead of recklessly throwing. Big strike by Cortes brings Powell to his knees. Cortes immediately jumps on top successfully landing some big shots from full guard. Powell is able to weather the storm and continues to scramble from the bottom evading more big shots and is able to turn the tide in his favor by securing a single leg takedown right before the horn to end the round.


Huge shoutout to MMA Stalker for the amazing coverage of this event an all events in the MMA world

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