Julius Vega vs Neyland Marcum

re you all set for an electrifying night? Come to where courage meets strength and where every fighter dreams of proving their mettle! And this match? It’s already one for the books!

Julius Vega is stepping into the ring with a heart full of fire and eyes set on victory. After battling across different weight classes, from Flyweight to Featherweight, Julius has shown us that he’s more than just talk. Julius is ready to bring it all on! He’s no stranger to challenges, and his victory at RUF 55, is just the beginning.

Facing him will be the equally talented Neyland Marcum, a fighter with his own relentless spirit and skills. This is going to be a clash of titans, folks, and you DON’T want to miss it!

Feeling the dread of missing out? Don’t stay on the sidelines wishing you were there. Click the LINK IN BIO for tickets NOW and secure your spot in the crowd.
Remember, it’s not just a fight; it’s history in the making. Be part of the experience and watch as Julius Vega and Neyland Marcum go head to head in a battle of will, strength, and honor.

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