Austin Clayton


Strap in and fuel up, #RufNation! It’s nearly time to light the fuse for an explosive
showdown that’ll go down LIVE at the iconic Celebrity Theatre! This isn’t just a fight; it’s a seismic event destined to RESHAPE the MMA landscape in SUN-KISSED Arizona!

From the radiant, surf-kissed shores of Boca Raton, FL, UNDEFEATED WARRIOR AUSTIN CLAYTON is preparing to step into the arena! Boasting a TITANIC track record that’s completely unblemished, he’s up for the challenge of proving to the world that he’s not just a fighter, but a FORCE of NATURE, a cyclone in the cage! This isn’t just about winning – it’s about staking his claim as an INVINCIBLE JUGGERNAUT of MMA!

However, one man stands firm against this storm. AARON ‘THE JOKER’ SUTTERFIELD! This battle-tested TEXAS BEHEMOTH, hardened by bare-knuckle, knows how to stand his ground and FIGHT BACK with a savage intensity! Will Clayton’s victorious thunder continue to roll, or will ‘The Joker’ pull out the ace and LAUGH LAST? The cage awaits to settle this spine-tingling suspense!

MISSING OUT ISN’T AN OPTION! The time to ACT is NOW – seats are vanishing!

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