The FRIGHT NIGHT we’ve been waiting for – two fearless PRO DEBUT FIGHTERS at 145 lbs are ready to SLASH their way through the BIG STAGE AND INTO FAME!

SAM “ICE MAN” MONCADA, fresh from the pits of battle, is thirsty for chilly VICTORY in his bone-chilling pro debut! Can he FREEZE his opponent’s will?

Gearing up on the flip side, JESSE MOORHOUSE seeks to sink his teeth into his first PRO WIN, to make his mark in this graveyard of GLORY. Will he howl in VICTORY under the full moon?

Mark your calendars: October 28th! FEAST your eyes on this bloody insurrection at the Celebrity Theatre! Secure your seat in this GHOULISH GLADIATOR FEST! Be a witness when the BAT FLIES OR the WOLF BITES!

Get your ticket NOW! TRICK or TREAT? How about a NIGHT OF EPIC BATTLES?! JOIN US as we conquer the stage with FIERCE ATTACKS and indomitable spirit this Halloween!

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