Roderick Aygeman vs Felix “The Mat Cat” Cano RUF 56

THE BIG UNDEAD MATCH IS UPON US, #RufNation! The dark and deadly night of OCTOBER 28th will be a LIVING NIGHTMARE for the brave and bold! Ghostly cheers will echo throughout the Celebrity theatre as MMA Lab’s UNDEFEATED CHAMPION Roderick Aygeman attempts to BRING THE DOOM. Standing FEARLESS in his way is Arizona Combat Sport’s, Felix “The Mat Cat” Cano!

It’s a BATTLE between a perfect record and A WITCH’S CURSE! Will Aygeman rise out of the cauldron of fear and keep his victory streak ALIVE? Or will “The Mat Cat” pounce and POISON his perfect record? The SHADOWS OF DOUBT grow longer!

DON’T YOU DARE MISS THIS SHOCKING SPECTACLE! RISE from your grave, join the HORDE, and watch the BLOODCURDLING BRAWL unfold! TICKETS are vanishing faster than a specter in the daylight!

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