Steve Frontroth vs Jerlov

Jerlov Rognvaldson vs Steve Frontroth

NO TRICKS, ONLY TREATS, #RufNation! We’ve got a shockingly spectacular twist that’ll make your spine TINGLE and your blood BOIL!

Get ready for something LETHALLY LEGENDARY in the haunting hush of OCTOBER 28t! CRANK UP THE VOLUME! Our very own commentator, STEVE ‘HEAD KICK AUDIO’ FRONTROTH is leaving his MIC for the RUF CAGE!

Yes, you read it RIGHT! But he won’t be fighting shadows! Aligning himself with the TERROR, standing in his path is the menacing JERLOV ROGNVALDSON!

Can the commentator conquer and CLAIM VICTORY?

Or will Rognvaldson’s might prove NIGHTMARISH? It’s an EPIC combat, waiting to CURDLE your blood!

Can’t take the SUSPENSE? Neither can we! This is the ULTIMATE showdown you CANNOT miss!

CLICK the link in our bio, GRAB your tickets before they EVAPORATE.

JOIN us in the haunted realm of the Celebrity Theatre! Be there, face the FEAR, and soak in every CHILLING moment!

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