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Jake Armenta vs Antron Petty – RUF 56 October 28th

🔥🔥ROAR through the shadows, #RufNation! This Halloween weekend, prepare for AN EPIC SHOWDOWN under the sinister whispers of the October moon!

Not one man, nor two ordinary men, but TWO WARHORSES, no strangers to the CAGE of COURAGE, are ready to lead you to the EDGE of terror and beyond! ALL eyes on the UNDEFEATED warrior, Jake Armenta as he ACCEPTS the challenge from the formidable Antron Petty! It will be a fateful dance, a deadly waltz, in the LIGHTWEIGHT division!

Hold your breath, for the stakes and spirits are HIGH! As the moon reigns supreme and the beats of battle fill the air, who will reign victorious? It’s a ravenous RIDDLE waiting to be answered!

Are you BRAVE enough to WITNESS the terrifying beauty of this epic titanic exchange? Click the link in our bio and book your tickets NOW! Don’t cave to FEAR, THRIVE on it, JOIN us for the nail-biting face-off! Be a part of the thrilling tale of triumph this Spooky season!

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