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RUF MMA Celebrates Marcus McGhee’s Journey to the UFC

PHOENIX, AZ – RUF MMA proudly acknowledges the remarkable journey of Marcus McGhee, a standout athlete and beloved figure in the MMA community, as he signs with the UFC.

Marcus, known for his athletic prowess and high fight IQ, has been a fan favorite and a cherished member of the RUF family. His professional debut in Glendale, Arizona, remains a memorable event, showcasing not only his exceptional athletic ability but also his impact on the future generation of MMA fans.

CJ Pitman, a prominent figure in RUF MMA, shares, “Marcus is a stand-up example of an amazing father, athlete, fighter, and young man! I remember when he made his professional debut with us in Glendale, Arizona. It was one of the most savage displays of athletic ability and fight IQ. Marcus made an immediate impact on the younger generation, future MMA fans when I brought a handful of young men into the back. He took the time to connect with them, giving them an experience and perspective they could not get any other way.”

Marcus, along with his family, is a regular at RUF shows, always ready to interact with fans, sign autographs, and share his love for the sport. His journey with RUF MMA includes four victorious fights, marking his professional debut.

“We are proud to be a part of his amazing journey,” Pitman continues. “We are excited to see Marcus fulfill his dreams of fighting in the UFC and continue on this path, doing what he loves! We at RUF are just elated for the whole McGhee family as they embark on this new journey and we wish them all the best!”

As Marcus steps into the UFC, RUF MMA celebrates his accomplishments and looks forward to his continued success in the sport. Join us in congratulating him. If your are ready to start your own journey in the RUF Cage, click here to fill out an application.

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