Livestream PPV Privacy Policy

Livetsream PPV Privacy

“RUF NATION” holds the webcast, broadcast (if applicable), sponsorship and signage rights with respect to each MMA event, including, without limitation, the exclusive right to identify itself and/or any sponsors anywhere in the Event and cage area.

“RN” shall retain the exclusive worldwide rights to the Event in perpetuity, including the unrestricted right to webcast, telecast, photograph, or record the events preceding and following each bout and the events between the rounds by any manner, method, device (now known or hereinafter devised), including the unlimited and unrestricted right to radio broadcast, telecast, and/or thereof by means of live or delayed free or closed circuit-television, paid television, film and tapes for exhibition or for sale, lease or license for home audio-visual discs or cassettes, “EVR,” holograms and the unlimited right to do the foregoing, and all other rights privileges, benefits, matters, and things incident to of the foregoing.

“RN” shall have the right to reproduce, print, publish or disseminate in picture, likeness, and voice and biographical material concerning “RP”, any recordings of the Event for the sole purpose of advertising and/or institutional advertising purposes and for the concession program described below. With respect to “RN” television, radio and film rights to the Event, “RN” and its licensees may reproduce, print, publish or disseminate in any medium, such portraits, pictures biological material, as well as the name symbol of “RN”, as news and information advertising purposes. RN warrants and represents that it has the legal right and authority to grant the right to use the likeness of persons recorded and/or broadcast as contemplated hereunder.