RUF 52 Pro Middleweight Brooks “Killa B” Callaghan Talks About His Pro Bedut

From the very first day I started Mixed Martial Arts I never thought I’d be where I am today. My brother asked me to fight with him on a card and I told him I’d think about, 30 minutes later he calls me and stated “hey I signed you up to fight, so you’re fighting, be ready”. It took me back to my childhood competing in football as well as track and wrestling in high school. From then It started off just as a love for competing. I never thought 4 years later I’d be ready to make my pro debut. I grew up wanting to be a pro football player but here I am a pro mma fighter. My amateur career was full of the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows. From being 5-0 with all finishes to a 3 fight skid and going through tough times In my personal life. Then to bouncing back with a decision win against a tough opponent. This pro debut means a lot to me. It’s a statement of all the hard work I’ve ever done.

It’s a statement that you can do whatever you want. Follow your dreams and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. This fight does not only mean a lot to me but to my team, family, and town as well. I’m from a small town on the California/Arizona border. II’ve always been one to rep for our small town and now I can say Blythe has a professional mma fighter. Thank you to everybody who has stuck by my side, thank you to my family, friends and fans. Thank you to my Coach Adrian for being one of the best coaches I can ask for. It was a blessing when we crossed paths.

Anybody looking for tickets or PPV Access click the link and make sure to use promo code “KILLAB”. With all that being said, I’m ready to put on a show. So come out Feb 25th and enjoy a night at the RUF Fights! To my friends and family, I love y’all and thank you all ❤️, let’s work!

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