Brooks “Killa B” Callaghan Talk About Making The Jump To Pro

some of the top quotes from this interview

“This ain’t a bodybuilding competition, man. It’s the fucking fight. I’m going to fight.”

“That Celebrity theater is pretty sick, man. I like fighting. I’ve only fought there once, unfortunately. But the celebrity theater, just the, you know, the walk down from the back and the ring and the way the seats and stuff. Man, it’s it’s sick. I like the celebrities and shout out to them as well.”

“So he has a lot of muscle and has a lot of strength. But I see weaknesses. I see weaknesses in his game. I think he’s been training since he was 14, 15, off and on, but he really only got into it about two, two and a half years ago. So I’m excited, man. To me, a good fight for both of us.”

“Chances are good. He’s very good. He’s a he’s pretty much a bully inside the cage. I think he was six and I was an amateur. He’s, well, versatile. He has submission wins, he has knockouts, and he has decision win and I think one of the fights where there was all out war, man, like I want to blaze fights overseas and he came back and won that fight so he’s a good opponent man He’s he’s a bodybuilder.”

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