Brooks Callaghan – RUF 45 Q and A

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We have a chance to sit down with Brooks Callaghan as he prepares for a title shot on Saturday December 18th at RUF45 – Winter Wars featuring the Road To One.

What are you focusing on, in training, heading into Winter Wars?

We are focusing on perfecting my skills for this fight. Wether he wants to take it to the ground or keep it on the feet I will be ready.

What is the biggest strength you bring into Winter Wars with you?

I believe my biggest strength is my heart and my cardio. If I’m down bad I will find a way to finish the fight. My cardio Is what I truly Believe will outshine others. When you start to slow down is when I’m going to pick up the pace even more.

Why are you the favorite to win the matchup?

I do not know if my the favorite and really do not care if I’m the favorite. Wether I am or not, one thing for sure is that All my friends, family, fans, and supporters know what is about to happy December 18th and you’re gonna hear “And NEW”….. “Brooks KILLA B Callaghan”

What message do you want to send your opponent before Winter Wars?

Tristan, I hope you brought your “A Game” because if not it’s going to be either a short night or a long night and that’s based on however I want the fight to play out. I’m either gonna finish you quick or I’m gonna play with my food for two and half rounds then finish you in the late third.

Which athlete do you want to compete against the most?

I’ve always looked up to guys like Chuck Liddell, Matt Hughes, and Daniel Cormier. With them being retired a current athlete I would Want to compete against the most is Robert Whittaker.

How will winning this fight impact or change your life? What does it mean to you?

Winning this fight will bring me back up. It’ll put me back into the win column. I’ll be able to bring my girls a shiny belt back home right before Christmas.

 What message would you like to tell your fans, friends, family, team, coaches?

I want To say thank you for sticking by me through this up and down roll coaster I’ve been on while competing in MMA. To my team and Coach Adrian, thank you for always being by my side and willing to work your schedule around my difficult schedule to get work in. Thank you for believing in me when some gave up. To my sponsors (Kim Figueroa @Blythe Remax, Prime leaf Blythe Ca, Leftout Game Farm, and Black Belt Academy) thank you guys for always coming in clutch with sponsorships to help pay for my rooms, travel expenses, Covid tests, shirts, etc. without my sponsors it wouldn’t be able to happen.

What obstacles have you overcome to get to where you are?

The biggest obstacle I’ve overcame is depression. With stuff going on in my personal life outside the cage, to losing two fights in a row, it really put me in a bad spot. At times I was Scared of the thoughts that were going on in my head and the way my mindset was becoming. I often thought about giving up on MMA and life. Realizing my daughters do not deserve to see me like that is how I overcame It.

What would you tell someone going through those things in life right now?

What I would tell someone right now going through depression is to not give up. The thoughts going on in your head are not permanent they’re temporary. Talk to somebody! I felt soft talking about depression to close one’s. I’m not a person who really expresses my emotions but with this I had to. If I got Through it so can you. If you have nobody to talk to you can talk to me, I promise you I’ll understand. Instagram and Twitter: @KillaBCallaghan Facebook: Brooks Callaghan

How has Martial arts and training to compete effected your life?

When I got out of high school I had Nothing to compete in. It was tough adjusting from always competing in sports in life to just working. I got really out of shape and then I started Competing in MMA. It quickly got me back in shape while also teaching me more of how to defend myself If ever need be.

 What does FUTURE YOU look like? A day in the life of SUPERSTAR YOU?

Honestly I do not want a big fancy future. Future me looks like a nice home I own With a healthy family. Where I train and Also train my daughters to protect themselves. While I can go to their other sporting events. Being the best in the world and having all my titles showcased around the house to show my kids what hard work can do for somebody and encourage them to follow their dreams.


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