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2023 Recap

2023 marked a year of extraordinary growth and achievement for RUF MMA. As Arizona’s leading Mixed Martial Arts organization, we have seen an unprecedented surge in our fanbase and event success. This year, RUF MMA not only solidified its reputation in the combat sports community but also expanded its influence far beyond the borders of Arizona. Through innovative promotions, captivating events, and a deepened commitment to the sport, we have successfully brought the thrilling world of MMA to a wider audience, fostering a vibrant community of fans and athletes alike. This report highlights the milestones achieved in 2023, illustrating our journey towards becoming a cornerstone in the world of mixed martial arts.


Events Held Summary 

In 2023, RUF MMA hosted a series of thrilling events at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, AZ, each surpassing its predecessor in excitement and scale. The Ringside Unified Fighting team produced 41 mma fights & 12 Muay Thai fights at the Legendary Celebrity Theatre. This year we saw 14 Professional MMA fights, 27 Amateur MMA bouts, 4 Professional Muay Thai fights and 8 Amateur Mauy Thai bouts. We saw our first professional MMA Title awarded in addition to several amateur titles and two Muay Thai world titles.  

  • RUF 56 (October 28): This event was a spectacular showcase of talent and skill, drawing an enthusiastic crowd. It featured high-stakes matches, setting new benchmarks in athletic performance in MMA and crowning our first professional title holder since 2018. We ended the year with 1026 in attendance and 214 households watching via the pay-per-view live stream! 
  • RUF 55 (August 26): Highlighted by the intense matchup of Abushaar vs Bowen, this event captivated the audience with its dynamic fights and was a significant attraction in the MMA calendar. A RECORD 1862 in attendance and 133 watching via the live stream Pay-per-view. Amongst the many fans and local professional fighters we welcomed many major influencers such as Larry Wheels, Jordan Sparks, That Was Epic Podcast and many more! 
  • RUF 54 (April 22): Marked by memorable bouts, this event was a testament to the growing prowess of RUF MMA fighters, offering a mix of seasoned and emerging talents. 889 in attendance and 141 watching on the Pay-per-view Live stream. 
  • RUF 53: Muay Thai Super Series (March 25): Arizona’s 1st professional Muay Thai event since 2017. Diversifying into and reinvigorating Muay Thai in Arizona, this series added a new dimension to our events, appealing to a broader range of combat sports enthusiasts. 1389 in attendance and 165 watching live on the pay-per-view stream. 
  • RUF 52 (February 25): Kicking off the year, this event set a high bar for the season, with exciting matches that hinted at the explosive growth RUF MMA would experience in 2023. Over 1000 in attendance with another 265 watching live 

These events not only highlighted the fighters’ skills but also reflected RUF MMA’s commitment to providing top-tier entertainment and fostering a growing community of MMA fans. 

Website Performance & Engagement 

2023 was a groundbreaking year for RUF MMA’s digital presence. Our website experienced a remarkable surge in traffic, with total clicks reaching 9.35K and impressions soaring to 194K. This significant increase highlights the growing interest in MMA among online audiences.

Our website served as a central hub for MMA enthusiasts, providing updates, fight results, and event information. Notably, the average click-through rate (CTR) was a robust 4.8%, indicating the effectiveness of our content in engaging users. The average position of our website in search results also improved, dropping to 3.2 from the previous year’s 14.9, signifying better visibility in search engines.

This enhanced online engagement is reflective of our successful efforts in digital marketing and content strategy, aimed at reaching a broader audience and creating a more engaging user experience. The growth in our website’s performance is not just a testament to the popularity of RUF MMA, but also to our commitment to connecting with fans and providing them with a rich online experience.

User Demographics and Engagement

In 2023, RUF MMA’s reach extended across various demographics, showcasing our growing appeal. Our analytics revealed that Phoenix, Tempe, and Los Angeles were among the top cities in terms of user engagement on our website. This diverse geographical reach is indicative of the widespread appeal of MMA and RUF’s growing influence in the sports world. Detailed analysis of the engagement patterns in these cities showed that our content resonated well with audiences, leading to high engagement times and session rates. 


Sponsor Acknowledgment 

In 2023, the unwavering support of our sponsors played a pivotal role in the success of RUF MMA. Each sponsor, through their commitment and partnership, contributed significantly to our events and the broader MMA community. Their involvement went beyond financial support, extending to collaborative marketing efforts, providing resources for fighters, and enhancing the overall event experience. This section acknowledges each sponsor individually, detailing their unique contributions and the impact they’ve had on our growth and reach. The success of RUF MMA in 2023 is a testament to the powerful synergy between our organization and its sponsors, creating a foundation for future successes and innovations in the sport of MMA.


Fight Highlights 

2023 was a year of exceptional athletic performances in RUF MMA. 

Our fighters showcased incredible talent, resulting in some of the fastest and most technical finishes in our history. The year saw Bobby Moffett’s stunning 22-second submission victory, setting a record for the fastest submission in RUF history. Similarly, Zane Darlington’s triangle choke victory at RUF 56 left the audience in awe. These moments, among many others, not only thrilled our fans but also demonstrated the high skill level and competitiveness of our fighters. This section will delve deeper into each notable fight, exploring the strategies, techniques, and moments that defined them, and how these fights contributed to the growing prestige of RUF MMA.

78% of our fights ended in a finish. That’s 3x the industry average, meaning your brand logo will be front and center during the most captivating moments.  

Growth and Outreach 


The year 2023 marked a period of strategic growth and outreach for RUF MMA. We implemented a variety of strategies aimed at expanding our audience and enhancing our brand presence. This included partnerships with local and national media, community engagement events, and digital marketing campaigns. These efforts resulted in an increased fanbase, higher event attendance, and a more robust online community. In this section, we will explore the specific strategies employed, their impact, and how they contributed to the broader goals of RUF MMA in 2023.


As we conclude our review of 2023, we reflect on a year marked by significant achievements and milestones for RUF MMA. The growth in audience reach, event success, and digital engagement highlights our commitment to promoting MMA and providing a platform for athletes and fans alike. We are grateful for the support of our community, sponsors, and fighters, whose dedication has been instrumental in our success. Looking ahead to 2024, we are excited to build upon this foundation, aiming to reach new heights and continue growing the sport of MMA.

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